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American Roofing Industries offers a great response time to any issue that may arise. We have an impeccable line of credit and strong relationships with all of our vendors, putting us first with our suppliers. We own most of our equipment, allowing us to relocate effectively time of crisis. We will promise to make your experience as painless as possible.

For each project, we professionally remove the old roofs and dispose of them, then we re-roof the facility with state-of-the-art materials and thoroughly clean the area. All of this is done with minimal inconvenience to tenants or customers. Because of age, some of the properties required new plumbing, walls, and A/C units. We worked closely with each contractor to ensure an efficient and timely completion. We worked all of these projects under OSHA safety requirements and incurred zero claims. Also, no re-trips for leaks in any of these roofs.

TPC Louisiana
This project resulted from damage incurred by Hurricane Katrina. The PGA golf resort was hit with well over a million dollars in damage. We came in a time of need with our own power supply, work crews and RV facilities to restore this beautiful resort to what it was before the storm. During this time it was difficult for any contractor to find lodging or even electricity to work. ARI provided our own crews, temporary lodging, our own electrical power, and on-site 24/7 emergency relief.

We worked with FEMA to assess the damages incurred during the storm, assisted with claims from a variety of insurance companies and met with contractors. We all worked together to make this happen.

Our team replaced over 41,000 square feet of roofing with traditional composition shingles and EPDM. We maintained this site for 4 months while we completed this property efficiently and effectively. The TPC was restored to the being a magnificent PGA resort again.

ARI came in time of crisis and operated this project professionally, with no worries for their project manager Paul Mayeaux. It was a pleasure working with the PGA and we wish the hurricane victims a speedy recovery.

Overton Ridge Shopping Center
Overton Ridge is owned by David Aldridge. David has made ARI the preferred company for maintaining the roofs for his properties. Along with this site we have also worked on Executive Place, Country Day Shopping Center, Ridgemar Shopping Center, Hulen Oaks, Quorum Office Park, Old Denton Park and West Way Park. In all the facilities total more than 600,000 square feet.

Covenant Church - Carrollton
Covenant Church was our fastest completion to date. We re-roofed their entire facility, the school, office and main chapel, in 48 hours. Over 50,000 square feet!

We used three crews and had our entire ARI staff on hand to oversee this project. Our owner John Mitchell had the roof off on Thursday and church resumed on Sunday. Once again, little inconvenience, no claims and no leaks.